Facebook Auto All in one (Status & comment Liker,Auto poke)

By Manojkumar9 Last update Feb 18, 2014 — Installed 41 times.

Script Summary: 1.First Install the extensions for your browser and then install the script. 2.A Padding button will appear on bottom left corner.Now you can get Facebook Auto Poke, Status Liker & Comment liker (All in one) on Facebook without any hassle, works like a charm on Chrome Browser with Tampermonkey Extension & Firefox browser with Greasemonkey Extension. ­

Version: v9.0.10

Works fine for all the most people*.

Install the Browser Extension and then install the script

Download extensions here & then install the script.

Chrome Extension link : Tamper Monkey

Firefox Extension Link : Grease Monkey

*** I'm not the author of this script, I just found the script somewhere here and made few changes. See the change log below.

# Change log:

# Minor changes in the script code (Title for HTML Links).

# Merged all the different scripts into one.

# Fixed bugs with the padding button and few more.

# Removed auto suggest function from the script code.

# Padding button for pokes and to my profile were added.

What's Happening?

1. A refresh button to your padding to refresh Facebook page.

2. It automatically pokes that fellow back, who pokes you.

3. A single click on the padding button to like all status present in your news feed.

4. Like all comments in padding makes easier to like all the comments in a silent move.

5. By default this script makes you to follow my profile (In case if u are not in my friend's list) and few interests.

* About the script :

1)The script is 100% safe, anyone can install it.

2) Don't blame if this doesn't work for you. It worked for me.

3) Make sure, the script is enabled and browser extension is enabled.

4) At the next step, Just click the Refresh button in the Browser

5) so be Patient.

6) Thank you for installing.

7) Have a Nice Day...