MTurk HIT DataBase for FF23 & 25

By steelej Last update Nov 7, 2013 — Installed 49 times.

Script Summary: Extended ability to search HITs you have worked on and other useful tools (CSV export/import, requester notes, requester block, pending/projected earnings) - Updated to workaround FF 23 issues

Version: 1.5.6

I'm taking request for features for the next update. If you've got an idea you'd like to see implemented feel free to drop me a line here:

2013-08-20 1.5.5:Firefox 23 Compatibility Issues. Removed New Windows and replaced with a Faux Frame. Replaced Turkopticon http with https versions

If you are having issues with HITs not showing up in the frame on Firefox 23 do this:
1. go to about:config
2. find security.mixed_content.block_active_content
3. toggle it off

2013-11-06 1.5.6: Firefox 25 Compatibility Issues. Fixed.