The Zapper

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Script Summary: For an improved Twitter experience: Automated zapping (hiding) of tweets made by Twitter accounts on @The_Block_Bot's block list and/or tweets made by accounts you select.

Version: 1.2.1

Copyright: 2013

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Attention early adopters: For versions 0.5 and under, please go to your Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey dashboard and delete any old versions of the Zapper script. A change in the metadata caused the script to duplicate instead of update around version 0.5. If your Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey dashboard shows the Zapper script with the name "The Atheism+ Zapper", please delete it or there may be conflicts between the old version and current version. You can delete the script by clicking on the appropriate trashcan icon on the right in the dashboard.

Introducing the Zapper

This script zaps (hides with a colorful, slimy flash) the tweets of people you don't want to read and/or people who are listed on the Atheism+ block list (managed by @The_Block_Bot on Twitter) so that you don't have to see them in search results or even while reading live hashtags. It's totally anonymous; you don't have to use Twitter's block function and no one will ever know you are using the Zapper.

You can install the script for the Zapper using Greasemonkey (for Mozilla Firefox browsers) or Tampermonkey (for Google Chrome browsers). After installation, the Zapper will integrate with @The_Block_Bot to automatically zap up to four levels of specially selected Twitter accounts on the standard Twitter web client for browsers. You can also build your own custom list of Twitter accounts to zap; the custom list can complement the automated zapping service or go in place of it.

A control panel will appear on the left above the "Who to follow" widget on Twitter, allowing you to select your preferred zapping level. There are five zapping levels to choose from. Level 1, the default level, will take care of spammers and impostors of atheists. Level 2 takes care of the bulk of people associated with the slimepit, an aggressive anti-feminist online faction of atheists. Level 3 zaps people more loosely associated with the slimepit and all the levels below it. Level 4 zaps those who used to be blocked by @The_Block_Bot but no longer are for various reasons. Finally, there is Level 0, the custom level, that lets you and you alone decide who gets zapped.

The control panel also features a pause/play button so you can zap people at your leisure, a counter showing the number of tweets that have been zapped as you read through a tweet stream, a Glow checkbox that makes the zapped tweets glow a slimy green instead of hiding them, a text box allowing you to add Twitter accounts to your zap list, and a drop-down menu of everyone being zapped at your currently selected zapping level so you can remove Twitter accounts from it.

To add a Twitter account to your own zap list, copy the @-name of the account whose tweets you wish to zap and paste it in the text box, then click "Zap". To show tweets from a Twitter account already being zapped, click on the drop-down menu, select the @-name of that account, then click "Show". If you have the Zapper paused, press the play button to see the changes instantly take effect.

Questions, comments, and suggestions about the Zapper are welcome and can be addressed to @aratina on Twitter --if you are not zapping him already, that is. ;)

Original concept by @sondosia and @ool0n. Model & feature development by a special task force of members at Implementation by @aratina. Delinted by JSLint. Minified by Closure Compiler Service.
© 2013