GTAForums Image Widthener

By SMF1112 Last update May 13, 2013 — Installed 0 times.

Script Summary: Stops Oversize Images Stretching Out The Screen Width.

Version: 1.5

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With High Speed Internet, Larger Download Allowances and 1920px Screens people have started posting Bigger and Bigger Images on the Forums, and at present there is no way to make these images smaller or scale them down for people who have smaller monitors or a viewing on a Mobile Device... Until Now.

Now that I have created the GTAForums Image Widthener it should prevent that on all Browsers that have some form of support for UserScripts, this is only version 1.0 of the script which even though it is extremely simple does need a little bit of fine tuning to get the best most optimum result across different resolutions, particularly 4:3 Monitors or lower resolution devices like Tablet Pc's or Mobile Devices.

I hope everyone finds this useful and can live with it until GTAForums V2 is launched sometime in the near or extremely distant future.