Reddit Downvote/Upvote Bomb

By The Void Last update Apr 25, 2013 — Installed 20 times.

Script Summary: Allows you to downvote or upvote entire threads on Reddit.

Version: 1.0

General Info
Adds two buttons to the top right of your screen that let you either upvote or downvote every single post in a thread on Reddit. There is a 1 second delay between each downvoting/upvoting.

Detailed Info
The script is rather crude and does not interact with Reddit's JavaScript at all. It only simulates clicks on the downvote buttons themselves. Doing this in a more advanced way might yield better results. Right now there is a 1 second delay in between each downvoting/upvoting, which exists because when tested without delay, as well as with a 100 ms delay, the downvotes/upvotes did not register.

Originally posted to 4chan on 4/23/13 at 3:52 AM by me.