Keyboard Shortcuts Enhancement for Yahoo/Google/Baidu/Twitter/Jiwai/Flickr/Delicious/FriendFeed

By Ziru Last update Oct 9, 2009 — Installed 1,827 times.

Script Summary: Keyboard shortcuts to speed up the navigation

New key bindings:

set (or grab) focus to (or from) the textarea input element

switch to the news search provided by the same search vendor

switch to the web search provided by the same search vendor

switch between yahoo and google search

switch to baidu chinese search

show the next page

show the previous page

Interested to hear which shortcut you like most, or what other shortcut could be useful (well, search results navigation shortcuts may be the next thing to add).

PS: Refactor the script and add keyboard enhancement for twitter.

Update (10/09/09): Minor fix to make it work with AJAX loading URLs like Google Search

Update (05/01/09): Add support for

Update (04/30/09): The PgDn/PgUp feature for twitter pages is broken by the new change to Twitter home page which now always redirects the pagination URL to Fix the script by using a workaround to figure out the current page number.

Update (04/03/09): Make it Chrome-compatible.

Update (07/23/08): Add support for FriendFeed

Update (06/22/08): Add a generic PageUpDn handler for all other un-supported pages (ie. pages not listed as supported here). The idea is to make a best-effort attempt to increase/decrease the last number appearing in the URL if any to load the previous/next page. If you don't like it, please either don't use the Alt+PgUp or Alt+PgDn shortcuts for those un-supported pages or remove "http://*" from the script's URL triggering patterns.

Update (05/13/08): Add support for

Update (04/28/08): Add support for

Update (04/27/08): Add support for Flickr