Metal Archives Video Embedder

By seergjej Last update Jun 10, 2013 — Installed 146 times.

Script Summary: Embeds videos for Encyclopaedia Metallum - The Metal Archives entries (full albums and single songs). Quite practical because it saves users the time for a manual YouTube search.

Version: 0.9

Metal Archives Video Embedder is a userscript that works on the Encyclopaedia Metallum’s pages, effectively enriching the website with video content.

The script queries YouTube for full albums (when browsing Band Discography pages) or for single songs (when browsing Album Details pages) and inserts the relative links right next to the titles.
With only a click, a player for the requested video is then shown in the page.

Tested on Firefox, Chrome and Opera (latest versions).

Future improvements will mostly be headed towards search refinement and performance improvement.