Better Google for iPhone (obsolete)

By Eugene Schava Last update Apr 28, 2009 — Installed 2,929 times.

Script Summary: Improves mobile view of Google services for iPhone (obsolete). Use

Version: 0.6

Note for users of script: I have no ability to support this script. Script is superseded by Andrey Popelo's Better Google for iPhone v2. So please install it instead of this one.
For convenience I've updated my script with his first version.

Google has special mobile view for its services when you opens them using iPhone (or at least using iPhone user-agent). Also you can use special URLs to enable iPhone-like view of services.
It's pretty convenient for any mobile device with touch screen but there is a lot of places where services are optimized for iPhone screen resolution.

This script is intended to fix such issues to make services looking good at all devices. I use it for Nokia N800

To emulate iPhone you have to use iPhone's user-agent or (better) use special URLs for services.

URLs of some services:
Google Reader:

Current version - 0.6
Changes for 0.6: script is superseded by Andrey Popelo's "Better Google for iPhone v2"

Changes for 0.5:
Removed obsolete stuff. Now script actually performs two things:
- avoids shrinking GMail window to 320px
- removes google reader logo

Changes for 0.4.1: Small bugfixes.
Note: Please update include address from to* .
Also you could change url for google reader to This looks better.

Changes for 0.4: Design of GMail view was changed
Changes for 0.3:
- Google reader "Keep unread" link works in AJAX-mode
- Google reader "See original" link opens link in a new window
Changes for 0.2: Google reader now fits page width