Scripps Newspapers Troll Comment Blocker

By John Hondo Last update Mar 24, 2013 — Installed 16 times.

Script Summary: Block comments from trolls in the comment sections on Scripps newspaper sites, including GoVolsXtra and KnoxNews. The map below shows the sites that are supported.

Version: 1.0.0


A trolls' comments are hidden when Ignore is clicked. When an ignored troll is quoted in another user's comment, the troll's comment is still hidden, but can be displayed by clicking Show ignored quote.

All traces of a troll disappear when Ban is clicked. A troll must be ignored before it can be banned.

Ignored and banned trolls can be reinstated by choosing their name from the drop-down box at the top of the comment list and clicking Unblock. The list of trolls can be imported and exported by clicking Import and Export, respectively.

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox – tested with version 16.02. Greasemonkey is a prerequisite, so it must be installed first
  • Chrome – tested with version 22.   Tampermonkey is a prerequisite, so it must be installed first


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Change History

1.0.003/24/13Initial version. This script was formerly known as the GoVolsXtra and KnoxNews Troll Comment Blocker.