Flickr Contacts

By CK Last update Aug 24, 2005 — Installed 1,777 times.

Script Summary: Tag your Flickr contacts to social bookmarks service

Some of us have so many contacts in flickr, say 50+, 100+, even 200+. However it is kinda hard to find our contacts efficiently. So I wrote a Greasemonkey user script to add tags at our flickr contacts to bookmarks system. The use of adding tags and searching contacts is very easy. All have been integrated to flickr pages. You can see the group photo spool for screenshots.

Please note it will prompt to ask you to login to system. It is completely safe to login. The request comes from directly, not from my script. Additionally, the script will implicitly add a tag named "flickr:contacts" to your contacts. Please don't remove it from It is for the script to identify the contacts from your flickr.