Reddit enhancements

By JonnyRobbie Last update Nov 20, 2013 — Installed 100 times.

Script Summary: Highlights new comments in a thread since your last visit; Highlights child comments with better karma than their parents;Highlights a comment with negative karma Hover over timestamp improvements

Version: 1.4.2

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This script highlights new comments since you last visited a post thread.
It also creates an outline around child comments, that have higher karma than their parents.
Also adds small improvements to hover over timestamp.

You can config this script from within the script itself...I've created a little config section at the beginning of the script. (if you want to get more control over the date format, your only choice for now is to look at the line 73)

Tested in Opera 12.12,
Now works in Chrome too!!
...but it should work in any browser, that supports HTML5 localStorage.