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By DJMiMi Last update Apr 5, 2014 — Installed 17,419 times.

Script Summary: Makes eRepublik life easier +.

Version: 2.1.33


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To update script to version 2.1.30, delete the previous version and do a fresh install. This is due to major improvements.

For all of u using chrome browser, here is the solution how to make eRep stuff+ magic again.

Say thanks to lucky789

Starting from May 26th 2013. no more features will be implemented in script.
If you want some custom built feature, you can contact me on:
Rizon, nick DJMiMi

If you get stuck with Update line after update, please restart your browser and than update. Problem occurs because in browser cache is still old version. In most cases browser is Google Chrome.


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Modified by:
eRepublik profile: DJMiMi   Profile

Original script

Original author:
eRepublik profile: Boban Stajic   Profile


Old features:
- Adds current campaign points for every side on battle list page.
- Shows citizen division on profile page.
- Shows mercenary kills on campaign page.
- Super Soldier calculator on profile page.
- Influence calculator on profile page.
- Market tools
- Change residence tool
- Battlefield improvements
- New level alerter
- Remove external link warning
- Prevents sidebar scroll
- Monetary Market tools
- Inventory improvements

Next features are implemented in this script:
- Prevents energy bars to be eaten if multiple tabs are opened(It will work only on one tab)
- Added TP bar on battlefield.
- Added number of kills during the day (displayed on sidebar bellow messages).
- Storing hits, damage and kills for last 5 days (displayed on profile page).
- Improved MyPlaces main menu link.
- Add BH hits auto calculator on battlefield.
- Mercenary Points on campaign page.
- Battle times on campaign page.
- Complete CO info on campaign page.
- Wall percentages, campaign point and BH info on campaign page.
- Improvements on showing mercenary kills.
- Removed anoying red exclamation mark on missions.
- Mark Natural Enemy.
- Remember donation.
- How how much energy can be restored at the moment.
- Display inventory (vertical or horizontal and all or in stock items) and storage capacity.
- Add your custom links.
- Send message or donate from article comments, MU regiments. Donate from message compose, message inbox
- Add your custom links.
- Org support.
- Next rank hits and days info.
- Latest citizenship country and residence country news, and top voted international articles.
- Spare change for gold and CC.
- Remember message in message compose.
- AutoBot on battlefield.
- Quicker market links.
- Display kills, damage and hits during the day.
- Block "build you baoozka" pop-up.
- Shout and share post.
- Select and fire multiple employees.
- Calculate profit from your companies.
- Calculate your damage.
- Compare prices on two different marketplaces.
- Mercenary kills counter on battlefield .
- Sort employees by salary.
- Find my offer on exchange market. (Please search one by one)
- Improved messaging system.
- Lock messages so they can't be deleted when sellecting all, but can if you go on read message page.
- Display cost per use for food and weapons.
- Display rocket pack price for citizenship country and residence country.
- Update selling prices with current minimal prices on the market.
- Check if there is allies battles in "All battles" and if so, put them in "Allies battles".
- Update salaries for all employees.
- Build booster, bazooka and rocket from battle.
- Remove dead friends.
- Remove more than one friend with one click.
- Show "My offers" list on the sidebar.
- Filter friends feed by removing guerrilla related posts.
- Filter friends feed by removing achievements related posts.
- Quicker access for DO change.
- IP info of player.


You can report bugs on this page.


In order to install this script you need to install add-on for browser
- Google Chrome :: Tampermonkey
- Mozilla Firefox :: Greasemonkey
- Opera :: Violent Monkey
After that just click on "Install" in upper right corner.


Version 2.1.33
- Fixed bug with autobot not eating energy bars.
- Fixed bug with auto energy recovery not finishing eating.

Version 2.1.32
- Refresh points, CO and time on campaign page.
- Added option to choose when to eat in new energy recoverer.
- Added Combat Orders on each side of every battle. No need to move anymore.
- Code cleanup.

Version 2.1.31
- Fixed donation logger.
Version 2.1.30
- Completely new and smart energy recover system.
- New level alerter which shows how much EXP until next level.
- Updated mercenary kills layout on the battlefield page.
- Updated visual effect on TP medal progress.
- Removed option "Add MyCountry to Community menu" it is there by default.
- Updated damage calculator to include 10% on level higher than 100.
- Removed sum price from the market as eRep has its own.
- Updated jQuery.
- Updated dropkick.js.
- Removed gx.js files
- Removed cookie.js.

Version 2.1.29
- Removed battle time and point on each side as it is now part of eRep.
- Improved speed of data loading.
- Removed home page battles info, all goes to campaign page from now.
- Added mercenary kills info for each side of the allies campaigns.

Version 2.1.28
- CO Info is now changed with campaign refresher.
- Updated company profit calculator to include work tax also.

Version 2.1.27
- Added option to see the list of Combat Orders (CO) on the campaign page. On the Allies battles it is displayed only on the side where you are able to join. On the rest it is displayed on both sides.

Version 2.1.26
- Fixed mercenary kills counter on the battlefield.

Version 2.1.25
- Fixed trouble with taxes.
- Upgraded Company Manager, now you can select number of factories and number of workers.
- Real maarket prices in inventory are now updated also with the selection of marketplace.

Version 2.1.24
- Updated divisions.
- Fixed visual bug with notification on alert button.

Version 2.1.23
- Removed backtotop button.
- Removed separate donations on profile page.
- Removed extra "Add as a friend" icon on profile page.
- Fixed issue with displaying divisions on profile page.
- Fixed visual issue with company manager.
- Fixed visual issue with natural enemy sign on campaign page.
- Fixed issue with ShowMyIP.
- Fixed issue with selecting multiple employees to fire.
- Fixed visual issue with quick DO change icon.
- Removed Closest Region Finder as it is now part of eRep.
- Fixed Donation History.
- Fixed Donation Quantity Remember for the items.
- Updated images for donate money and for donate items.
- Fixed visual bug with empire sign when campaign info is enabled on the home page.
- Build booster, rocket, bazooka faster and only from the battlefield page.
- Fixed bug with join guerrilla fight button.

Version 2.1.22
- Select companies to work in by type.
- Damage today now supports guerrilla damage.
- Fixed bug with improved messaging system.
- Added guerrilla damage during day and 5 days in a row information on profile page

Version 2.1.20
- Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 2.1.19
- Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 2.1.18
- Fixed issue with custom offer.

Version 2.1.17
- Fixed issue with custom offer.

Version 2.1.16
- Script updated to work with new ranks.

Version 2.1.15
- Some minor code rewrites.

Version 2.1.14
- Script updated to work with new marketplace and monetary market features.

Version 2.1.13
- Some minor code changes.

Version 2.1.12
- Some minor code changes.

Version 2.1.11
- Some code rewrite to improve AutoBot.
- Fixed issue with assigning employees in raw companies.
- Improvements on IP info.
- Script updated to work with some more Plato's code rewritting.
- Removed options "Safe food eat on all pages".

Version 2.1.10
- Script updated to work with some more plato's programing.

Version 2.1.9
- Script updated to work with latest plato's programing.

Version 2.1.8
- Fixed issue when deploying bombs.
- Added quicker acces to DO change.
- Added IP info of player.

Version 2.1.7
- Added option "Filter posts from guerrilla info".
- Added option "Filter posts from medals info".
- Some improvements on post shouting, to show who originally shouted.
- Fixed small issues with price comparator due to new select box.

Version 2.1.6
- Fixed small mess with new plato feature "Coma in cash".
- Some improvements to auto energy recoverer.
- Some style changes for aditional weapons.
- Improvements to changing salary for more than one employee with one click.

Version 2.1.5
- Fixed some more issues with new plato feature "Coma in every number" and separated storage capacity from inventory list. Option "Display storage info" under "Common settings".

Version 2.1.4
- Fixed issues with new plato feature "Coma in every number".

Version 2.1.3
- Fixed issues with campaign page and edit salaries for employees.

Version 2.1.2
- Added feature to build bazooka from battle.
- Added feature to remove dead friends.
- Added feature to remove more than one friend with one click.
- Added feature to show "My offers" list on the sidebar.

Version 2.1.1
- Bug and style fixes.

Version 2.1.0
- Bug and style fixes.

Version 2.0.9
- Bug and style fixes.

Version 2.0.8
- Update salaries for all employees or change it for some of them. If you input number in field next to button, it will update salary for all employees with that value, else it will take value from input box of employee.
- Build rocket from battle.
- 50% discount for rocket packs when having chipset.
- Include 50% booster when calculating BH hits needed for battle hero.
- Display storage inventory now shows free space left.

Version 2.0.7
- Bug fixes.

Version 2.0.6
- Bug fixes.

Version 2.0.5
- Added "50% bonus" checkbox to influence calculator on profile page.
- Added feature to dispaly rocket pack price.
- Added feature to update selling prices on product change with real current minimal prices on marketplace.
- Added feature to check if there is some allies battles in "All battles" and to put it in "Allies battles".
- Added feature to build booster from battle.

Version 2.0.4
- For those who can't eat food, disable PULSE extension or uncheck option "Safe food eat on all pages".
- Added number separator for defender and attacker BH damage.
- Fixed bug with "Consume food" button when "Safe food eat on all pages" option is enabled.
- Removed bazooka parts from inventory display and added 2x energy bars.

Version 2.0.3
- Added feature to show cost per use for food and weapons on marketplace.
- Added feature to display information for campaigns on main page.
- Added GOLD equivalent to selling block in inventory.
- Fixed bug with indonesian language and hits,damage and kills counter.
- Fixed bug with non english language and auto energy recoverer.
- Fixed bug with market links from inventory for states with names with more than one word.

Version 2.0.2
- Added option to donate from MU regiment list as part of "Donate from everywhere" option.
- Added feature to lock important messages so they can't be deleted when sellecting all for deletion.
- Added feature to eat safely on all pages, so you don't need to worry about energy bars.
- Fixed bug with changing divisions on battlefield when page is not in english language.
- Some style changes.

Version 2.0.1
- Fixed bug with shouting posts with opened comments.
- Fixed bug with changing citizenship but don't getting free licence of new country.
- Added separate options to show donate on messages and articles and both types of donation on profile page.
- Added info about levels in each division. Hover over division number.
- Added options to damage calculator to calculate 50% more damage.

Version 2.0.0
- Added option to enable auto enery recoverer only on main page, so it doesn't go gray. CAUTION!!! If you select this option it will be enabled on two tabs with main page.
- Added spare change for cash. Option "GOLD spare change" changed to "Show spare change".
- Added feature to display recepients in message-inbox.
- Improved message system with returning to last visited page with messages, not on first one and some other features.
- Fixed closest finder on battlefield.
- Added feature to search for your offer on exchange market. (Please search one by one)
- Added support for secure connection [https://].
- Fixed some bugs along the way.

Version 1.9.9
- New system for auto recover energy. Now it should not show disabled auto energy button when only one tab is open, or when tab with enabled button is closed and another tab is opened.

Version 1.9.8
- Fixed bug with settings window and lower resolutions.

Version 1.9.7
- Style changes on custom links, to stand out as little as possible.
- Organized and fresh look for settings.
- Organized product quick links to market.
- Added mercenary count kills on battlefield.
- Added feature to sort your employees by salary.
- Fixed bug with "MyCountry" link on "Companies for sale" page.

Version 1.9.6
- Little tweak with "Select division" button on battlefield.
- Removed limit of 10G for Org.

Version 1.9.5
- Added feature to display TOP5 in other divisions on battlefield, as part of "Improve Battlefield".

Version 1.9.4
- Fixed bug with TP bar on battlefield and it's next level.
- Fixed bug with shouting posts on walls.

Version 1.9.3
- Fixed bug with bazooka booster and inventory display.
- Fixed bug with marking NE.
- Fixed bug with double kills, damage and hits when fighting against NE.
- Fixed bug with seller's name when sharring link to offer.
- Fixed bug with BH rockets display on inventory bar, when page is not in english.
- Added feature to share posts.
- Added DamageCalculator on inventory page.
- Added feature to compare prices on two different marketplaces.

Version 1.9.2
- Fixed issue with big number of responces and donte buttons in messages-inbox.

Version 1.9.1
- Added feature to reshout post.
- Added feature to select multiple employees and fire them with one click.
- Added feature to calculate profit for your companies.
- Added link "Manage employees" to "My Places" improvements for easier access.
- Fixed issue with inventory and language change.
- Fixed issue with TP battlefield bar and language change.
- Fixed issue with external link warning and tab changes.
- Fixed issue with send message button and donate icons.
- Removed auto recovery button whet it is disabled in settings.
- Organized settings.
- Updated donate in articles to work with new style.
- Added different colors for no and some mercenary kills.
- Block bazooka pop up.

Version 1.9.0
- Fixed some bugs with AutoBot.
- Fixed bug with market quick links.
- Donate button now in all messages.

Version 1.8.9
- Fixed Strength Calculator.
- Improved inventory bar, now you can select whether you want to see all or just items in stock.
- Fixed issue with rocket damage count.
- Quicker market links.

Version 1.8.8
- Latest citizenship and residence news, and top voted international.
- Fixed myplaces.
- GOLD spare change.
- Remember message.
- AutoBot on battlefield.
- Donate button on message compose.

Version 1.8.7
- Added org support.
- Compatible with new design.
- New rank calculator on profile page. It showes damage with inserted number of hits, how many hits are needed to reach next with certain weapon, and number of days until you reach it.

Version 1.8.6
- Added feature custom links.
- Fade out storage items that are not in you possesion, and allow selecting vertical or horizontal display.

Version 1.8.5 Beta
- Now on battlefield can be only TP.
- Added feature to show how much energy can be restored.
- Added feature to donate or send message directly from article comments (bypass profile page visit).
- Added Storage inventory list which is available on all pages exept of cource, on inventory page.
- Added auto remember donation quantity option.

Version 1.8.4
- Fixed issue with Max and All buttons on Monetary market.

Version 1.8.3
- Fixed bug with erep DDOS.
- Fixed bugs with campaign page auto refresh.
- Added support for Opera web browser. To use this script with Opera, you must first install Violent Monkey

Version 1.8.2
- Some changes to strength calculator.
- Tried to fix problem "page failed to load".

Version 1.8.1
- Scroll to top button

Version 1.8.0
- Natural enemy
- Imroved campaigns page
- Improved settings
- some bugs on TP points and BH hits

Version 1.7.9
- Fixed issue with timer and total damage, kills, hits on profile page

Version 1.7.8
- Small bugs fixed, improved mercenary kills list, better settings, allowed to change refresh time on campagin page

Version 1.7.7
- No small bugs to fix , now I'm terrified :D, more info on campagin page. Hover tank image. REMOVED ANOYING RED EXCLAMATION MARK!!! :D

Version 1.7.6
- Fixed some small bugs, like always :D, and added some cool feature to campagin page, check it out.

Version 1.7.5
- Improvements to auto energy recoverer, small bugs and added a feature that calulates number of hits needed to get BH.

Version 1.7.4
- Improvements to popUp settings window and some minor bugs allong the way ;).

Version 1.7.3
- Added ability to access My Companies, Training Grounds, Storage and Advanced Buildings from main menu.