View Youtube videos by same user

By steeeeve Last update Feb 8, 2014 — Installed 1,688 times.

Script Summary: Shows videos by the same user

Version: 1.4.2

Since the new Youtube update, the button to show more videos by the same user is gone.
This script will show the videos again. There are some improvements to make:

  • DONEAdd more css styles to improve looks
  • DONEAdd a button to show and hide (currently shows the videos all the time)
  • DONE Make it get more videos and display them. Youtube API allows to get JSON formatted list of videos. This will require a rewrite (currently, just getting videos using Youtube's old code)
  • DONEHighlight the current video
  • DONEStart with current video in focused slide
  • Put the upload date under videos? Make options as to which data to show (likes, dislikes, rating, duration...)?
  • Improve the CSS for "Feather Beta"
  • Make suggestions, maybe I'll do it if I feel like it.

If you improve the script, send me a note and I'll put a link to your version. (I don't often check my email, so it may take some time)
This script DISABLES SPF (Ajax loading//Red Bar).