movie2k porn scraper

By codewizard Last update Dec 16, 2012 — Installed 286 times.

Script Summary: Dont forget your review! The m2k porn scraper collects localized porno videolinks from as a huge list to save as html file afterwards. Simply activate it, go to a url like and see how the list being generated. save with File->Save Webpage, to access it local next time

Version: 1

The pr0n list at m2k is huge, but it has disadvantages.

1. it's not searchable
2. it's not localizable
3. lots of movies on lots of pages. no overview at all

This script aggregates all result pages into one large list, displaying a specific language.

the script has 2 parameters:

limit: the number of pages to scrape for each letter, default is 5 (remember to save the generated HTML after running the script, so you do not produce so much traffic for m2k each time)

country: simply enter 'italy', 'japan', 'germany' or whatever you like. the list is filtered for this language.

The scraping takes some time, depending on your line speed, so do not exeggarate the limit .....remember, a limit of 50 would produce 26 (letters) * 50 (pages if existing) * ~30 results per page = 40.000 results

Have Fun