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By steeev Last update Mar 8, 2009 — Installed 40,564 times.

Script Summary: It overrides the flickr "Send to Group" button above your photo/video and lets you send your Flickr image or video to multiple groups simultaneously

Version: 3.1 11-Jun-2008

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The latest version of the script which has been updated to be compatible with the new style Flickr photo page and also with Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari, is exclusively available from my website


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This script enables you to easily send your Flickr images/videos to multiple groups at the same time. It works by overriding the normal "Send To Group" button on your flickr photo page.


Heres a screenshot of the script in action:

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22nd May 2008 The script is now working on all the international versions of the site! :) New features: you can now no longer send to group pools that the image already belongs to, theres also a counter beneath the select box that shows how many groups you have selected.

24th May 2008 Ive refactored the code quite a bit and greatly speeded up the loading time of the multi group sender window.

7th June 2008 Added a search box above the group list, that lets you search for groups you want to submit the image to

17th June 2010 Rewritten script for Google Chrome and Opera compatibility. The new version is exclusively available here

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