Center Align Youtube's New Layout

By RedBanHammer Last update Mar 25, 2013 — Installed 17,043 times.

Script Summary: [DISCONTINUED - Please use YouTube Center instead] Properly center align YouTube's layout on every page.

Version: 2.5.2

Copyright: 2012+, RedBanHammer

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This script has been discontinued in favor of the YouTube Center userscript. It has many of the same options including centering the layout, disabling the feedback button, and much more. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Link to YouTube Center:


This script dynamically center aligns YouTube's new Dec. 2012 left-aligned layout for all pages (homepage, search results, and watch). Also, unlike other scripts, the guide button, search field, and logo are all correctly aligned with the rest of the content.


Click here for a complete album of screenshots.


Watch Page (small player)

Watch Page (medium player)

Watch Page (large player)


  • Center aligns all YouTube pages
  • Instant centering for Firefox and Opera, extremely fast (less than 20ms) for Chrome
  • Correct alignments for search field, YouTube logo, and guide button
  • Proper support for lower resolution windows
  • No jerkiness when expanding and closing the guide with the large video player
  • Option for centering based on content+guide or just content width
  • Option for disabling branded watch pages
  • Option for hiding the feedback button
  • Option for recoloring the dislike bar from grey to red
  • Option for automatically expanding the guide sidebar on watch pages
  • Compatible with many other Userscripts that tweak YouTube


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Version Changelog

v2.5 • (2.5.2 - 3/24/2013) Patch for what I broke in the last patch.
• (2.5.1 - 3/23/2013) Patch for changes in YouTube's layout.
• (2.5.0 - 2/13/2013) Standard YouTube large player alignment fix.
v2.4 • (2.4.4 - 2/12/2013) Homepage header ad alignment fix.
• (2.4.3) New channel page alignment fix.
• (2.4.2) Top ticker/alert alignment fix.
• (2.4.1) Artist page alignment fixes.
• (2.4.0) Footer alignment fixes.
• (2.4.0) Compatibility patches.
v2.3 • Added option for auto-expanding the guide sidebar on watch pages.
v2.2 • Made centering based on the video content+suggested videos the default and added an option to revert centering to the previous mode that also used the guide width.
• Added an option to hide branded video players on watch pages.
• Fixes for alignments in search results, account settings, and video manager pages.
v2.1 • Content is now aligned based on bounding size which fixes previous incompatibilities with larger players.
v2.0 • Fixes for search bar and watch page alignments.
• Added compatibility with the Unique YouTube Skin userscript.
v1.9 • Fixes for playlist centering, analytics/video manager/video editor/subscriptions/inbox centering.
• Windows under a certain width now utilize the default YouTube alignments.
v1.8 • Rewrote script to be significantly simpler, lightweight, and work with the new YouTube center styling.
v1.7 • Fixed own uploaded video sub-navigational bar centering.
v1.6 • Added center alignment support for the "View Youtube videos by same user" userscript.
v1.5 • Fixed Scriptish initialization executing before the document head was loaded.
v1.4 • Fixed embedding bug caused by the instant loading feature.
v1.3 • Added a feedback button hiding option.
• Added a red dislike bar option.
• Vertical centering for uploaded/liked/recently watched videos list.
v1.2 • Centering time reduced significantly: instant for Greasemonky (Firefox) and UserJS (Opera); less than 20ms for Tampermonkey (Chrome).
• Snappier expanded guide alignment fixes.
• Fixed script executing in embedded videos.
v1.1 • Fixed search results centering width.