deerhunter script for hotukdeals flamedeer

By ipad Last update Dec 10, 2012 — Installed 5,991 times.

Script Summary: hunt those pesky flamedeer in the HUKD 2012 competition

Version: 1.1

Script homepage

"HUKD Christmas Competition - Hunt The Mutant Flamedeer and win some amazing prizes!"

Use the new/default skin. Go to a deal listing page (i.e. new, hot, discussed).
A mini windows should appear at the top of the screen checking each deal on the deal listing page. It automatically jumps to the next deal listing page and so you can check every deal on hukd automatically.

"If you find one it'll automatically stamp your collectors card."

This works on the new/default skin. (Not the old one)

Tested on Google Chrome and tampermonkey. (will probably work fine with greasemonkey and firefox)

Step 1: Install "tampermonkey" browser addon from the chrome store

Step 2: Install "deerhunter" script by clicing the green install button on this page. When promted, select ok so that it runs with tamper monkey and not natively in chrome

Activate "deerhunter script in tampermonkey" by clicking the icon and making sure it is green and not red

1) Login to your hotukdeals account.
2) goto new/default sdkin
3) go to a deal listing page
mini window should appear and do its thing
(It changes page in the mini window every 10-12 seconds in mini window - so works very slowly so not to be noticable)

UPDATE: Forgot to say you need to use Text view.
Click "show tools"
Click "text only"

Version 1.1
I just updated the original script with a random number generator. I thought that this was prudent to avoid detection. Credit goes the author of the "Advanced Deerhunter" (which is not yet publically released.)

FYI - simple change = index*((Math.random()*12900)+5000)) (this is visible in the source code changelog)

Original version 1 of deerhunter was installed 1,224 times according to !