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By Arvid Last update Mar 22, 2007 — Installed 5,119 times.

Script Summary: Display percentage statistics on user profile

This script is configurable. Edit the script with your favorit editor, and go to the line that says /* CONFIGURATION HERE */. The two variables below works as this: ndecimals is the number of decimal you want to see. Default is 1. percentage_treshold is the lowest percentage you want to see. Default is 0.5%.

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2007-03-22	1.2
* Meh, forget to fix somethings.
* The percentage wont overflow the bar now.

2007-03-22	1.1
* Pulled myself together and fixed this one
* Added two variables for configuration:
	* ndecimals: this is the number of decimals shown. 
	change this to -1 if you don't want to round the numbers at all. that would be probably be stupid.
	* percentage_treshold: this is the smallest percentage you want shown. 
	change this to 0 if you want all percentages to show, no matter how small

2005-08-14	1.0