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By nightwing Last update Apr 10, 2014 — Installed 45,057 times.

Script Summary: Enhancements and bug fixes for Kingdoms of Camelot. This is a modified release of Power Tools from KoC Scripters Edition.

Version: 20140408a

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Modified KOC Power Bot


Creative Commons License
Modified Power Tools by nightwing is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License .

Thank You:

I would like to say that the codes for my versions of Bot and Tools are not mine. I do not want to be credited for the writing of these scripts or the theft of another's code, they are the same coding of the KoC Scripters latest SVN versions they two are the same, but with my versions they have been tweaked to my tastes hence the description Modified. For years I have tweaked and modified these codes for personal use, and have shared my versions through the years with close friends. Not long ago I have decided to post my tweaked up versions on Userscripts to share with a more wide versatile friends that I have met through the years playing KoC who likes to use my MOD versions. If you like my MOD versions use them if not then don't use them it's your preference.

I would first and foremost like to thank all the writers who made the necessary codes to use with KoC without them we would be in a very different place. Jonty, Nico, Baos, Phil Cazz, Barbarossa69 and anyone else I have not mentioned THANK YOU!!

The Modifications

1. Added Last Login to the Alliance tab drop down menu.

2. Made changes to links in Overview section.

3. Returned kocmon look up through search.

4. Enabled Test Tab, a fake alert for fun.

These are my modifications to KOC Power Tools "Official KoC Scripters Edition" my personal preference. Everything else was left corresponding from the original script.

If you like using my personal changes to the script...ENJOY!

Who are the "KoC Scriptors"?

KoC Power Tools was created by the amazing George Jetson, and we have stepped up to continue and expand upon his work. This version of KoC Power Tools is actively developed by a team of programmers via the KoC Power Tools Google Code open-source project. Their "KoC Scripters" account is a shared account designed for the purpose of publicly publishing any new updates to KoC Power Tools and KoC Power Bot. A number of their programmers share access to their account, so the updates found there are not limited to just one person.

(This is their script with my personal modification)

Utilities for Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Power Tools is intended for use with KOC Power Bot (KoC Scripters Team Edition), which is designed to handle all of the more automated aspects of the gameplay.

If you are new to using Grease Monkey scripts, please see the 'How do I use this?' link below the Green install button at the top.


Overview tab: Shows an overview of stats for each city. Updates in real-time. Screen cap is here.

Encamped tab: Shows you the exact number of troops (and knights) encamped in each of your embassies

Info tab: A quick-reference of various stats and a simple distance calculator.

Players tab: Search for players and/or alliance members. Sort list of alliance members by various parameters including distance from your cities.

Knights tab: Show stats about all your knights and EASILY assign skill points.

Wilds tab: Show stats about all your wildernesses and EASILY set traps and mercenary levels.

Options tab: Allows you to enable/disable various features and KofC bug fixes!

Messages tab: Search through your inbox or reports for messages.

Alliance tab: Search and sort alliance list.

Tower tab: Automatically searches alliance reports and sends alerts.

Test tab: For fun; a more realistic like fake alert.

    KofC bug fixes:
  • Fix tower alert to show exact target. If it's a wilderness, the coords of the wild will be shown.
  • Keep map coordinate box/bookmarks on top of troop activity.
  • Enhanced Alliance Reports. More intuitive layout. More information displayed. Attacks against alliance members show in red. Normal barbarian and wild attacks in gray. Attacks against owned wilds or friendly alliances in brown/bold.
  • Enhanced Messaging features. Includes a 'forward' button to easily forward any inbox message to another player. Also, an 'all officers' button in message compose window which allows you to send a message to all officers in your alliance.
  • Enhanced page navigation for messages and reports. Fixes KofC's clumsy and bug-ridden pagination. Allows you to go directly to any page and fixes the back button to return you to the page you were on.


Previous versions of Modified Tools can be found here.