KOC Throne Room Organizer Without Backdoor

By Simon dlT Last update Sep 16, 2012 — Installed 28,918 times.

Script Summary: Organizes, upgrades and salvages KOC throne room items

Version: 20120916

Mad Maxx's Throne Room Organizer without the backdoor. Says it all really.

This is an Updated version of MadMaxx's Throne Room Organiser

All the same functionality but with added security as I have removed the backdoor which granted him access to your account so he could salvage your best cards

I'm not a scripter myself so don't expect any unique updates. But this version shall do untill MadMaxx decides to remove the backdoor he created


Well that was long lived. MadMaxx's Throne Room Enhancer has been updated so the backdoor script has gone (Now it's identical to this one). It's safe to use his again if you trust him.

What I would suggest is DO NOT select automatic updates, otherwise he could add this again at any point

anyway here's his script



Seen as there are a few people out there using this script I thought I'd update it to keep it in line with the original version. As of 16/9/12 this is the same as the original as that one is currently safe to use