UROverview Plus (URO+)

By Twister_UK Last update Mar 30, 2014 — Installed 4,204 times.

Script Summary: Allows UR, map problem and camera details to be viewed by hovering over the relevant marker. Also allows markers to be filtered based on various marker-specific parameters (e.g. type of camera, age of UR etc.)

Version: 3.7


Adds a pop-up information box next to any highlighted UR, map problem or camera marker, containing an overview (UR/problem/camera type and any additional descriptive text entered by the UR submitter) of that marker.

This allows map editors to quickly check whether any of the visible markers are ones that sound as if they need urgent attention, without having to click on them, wait for WME to display the details pane, realise the marker isn't one that needs attention right now, and then having to close the pane again...

Markers can also be filtered by parameter, allowing a much finer-grained level of marker display selection than the basic all on/all off controls provided by WME itself.

Chrome users: URO+ can be installed from the Chrome Web Store

As of version 3.0, the functionality of my DrivesTabEnhancer (DTE) and Select Roundabout Segments (SRS) scripts is now integrated into URO+. Please uninstall these standalone versions if already installed.

Version History:

0.1 - 20120908 - Original release
0.2 - 20120909 - Shows age of UR
0.3 - 20120911 - Also shows overview data (type, speed, and creator) for cameras
0.4 - 20120911 - Overview data now shown in pop-up next to UR/camera icon. Petrol Station checker links are clickable.
0.4.1 - 20120912 - Enables use on all WME servers, not just world.waze.com
0.5 - 20120915 - Allows URs to be filtered by type
0.6 - 20120916 - Allows filtering by UR age. UI appearance tweaks
0.7 - 20120917 - Allows URs to be hidden for the duration of the current browser session
0.8 - 20120917 - Filter by age now allows for both "younger than" and "older than" settings. URs can now also be filtered by a keyword present/absent in the description
0.9 - 20121005 - Cameras can now be filtered by type, approval state and whether or not they were created by a world_* user
1.0 - 20121006 - Added "last updated more than x days" and usa_* user filtering to cameras, and split UR and camera controls onto seperate UI tabs
1.0.1 - 20121006 - Maintenance release, reinstates the UR overview pop-up I managed to break in the 1.0 release earlier today...
1.1 - 20121006 - Completing the trilogy of updates today, now allows speed cameras to be filtered according to whether they've been given a speed value and if that value appears to be a valid conversion of the MPH value. This conversion assumes that the MPH speed is a multiple of 10MPH (always true for cameras here in the UK)
1.2 - 20121010 - UR popup now adds a link allowing a new WME tab to be opened centred on and zoomed into the UR marker. URs can now be filtered out if they've been marked as solved or not identified. Various changes/fixes to enable use in WME Beta
1.2.1 - 20121010 - Bugfix in the beta support code (forgot to remove one reference to an element ID not present in the beta...)
1.3 - 20121012 - UR popup now adds a link allowing a new livemap tab to be opened centred on and zoomed into the UK marker (user request to make checking routing problems easier). Enabled use on the non-world beta editor
1.4 - 20121013 - New WME tabs opened from the UR popup now have the same layers switched on and off as the tab containing the popup. Filter settings are now saved across sessions.
1.4.1 - 20121013 - Fix for the livemap link opening up a new WME tab on some peoples systems
1.5 - 20121015 - Now supports map problem markers
1.6 - 20121030 - Revised positioning code for popup to avoid covering the UR marker. When opening a UR in a new tab, the UR details panel is now opened automatically. ***MAP PROBLEM MARKER SUPPORT TEMPORARILY REMOVED***
1.7 - 20121103 - Marker filtering code is now event driven, eliminating marker flicker on map panning/zooming. UR and camera options now contained within a single "URO" tab in WME beta.
1.8 - 20121105 - Fixed for new public and beta WME versions. UR marker session hiding works properly again...
1.9 - 20121109 - Map problem marker support reinstated, now also supports "Frequent reroute" type problems.
1.10 - 20121125 - Cameras can be filtered if they were last edited by the logged-in user (thanks to davipt), minor CSS tweaks to reduce wasted space in config tabs
1.11 - 20121202 - Fixes issue on login screen of latest WME beta
1.12 - 20121205 - Fixes camera and user report overviews in latest WME beta. Tiny overview box no longer appears in top-left corner of screen at startup.
1.13 - 20121222 - Another fix for malformed livemap links on some users systems (oh for the day when WME behaves exactly the same for everyone...). Includes check for new WME Beta URL.
1.14 - 20121227 - New option to allow case-insensitive keyword matching. Reworked startup code to avoid some issues when WME loads without a user being logged-in.
1.15 - 20130102 - New UR filtering option "Waze Automatic" to filter out the new auto-generated general error URs used by Waze to highlight potentially incorrect city names
1.16 - 20130111 - Improved handling of UK roadworks URs (converts https: URLs into clicky-links, and provides dedicated checkbox for hiding roadworks URs). The two UK-specific filters (Petrol Station Checker and Roadworks) are relocated into their own section of the filter list.
1.17 - 20130114 - Adds an "Invert operation" checkbox to the UR type filter list, which as its name suggests inverts the behaviour of the UR type filtering - now instead of showing only those UR types which AREN'T ticked off on the list, the script will show only those UR types which ARE ticked off... or, at least, slightly annoyed about something ;-)
1.18 - 20130126 - Map Problems markers now respect the "solved/not identified" filtering checkboxes, and their popups now include the "Hide for this session" link.
1.19 - 20130221 - Major behind the scenes reworking to support the new-look markers in WME beta (big thanks to Timbones for his help with this). Fixed popup-offset error with camera markers if camera layer was turned off, the map panned/zoomed, and then the camera layer turned on again. Fixed livemap links for all popup types. Disabled automatic opening of UR/problem details panel in current public WME when using Chrome, as this feature has now started misbehaving.
1.20 - 20130302 - Fixed a looooooooooooooongstanding (all the way back to the 1.6 release *mindboggles*) bug in the camera filtering code, that was causing WME to pan uncontrollably. How no-one (including myself) managed not to spot this one for all this time is a mystery of epic proportions, but thanks to magfro it's finally been dealt with...
1.21 - 20130315 - Revised popup link layout based on suggestion by charleskelso. No longer requires user to move off currently highlighted marker then wait for popup to close before highlighting a different marker. Reinstated auto-opening of UR/problem details panel in public WME with Chrome.
1.22 - 20130321 - Disabled Chrome auto-open for problems in public WME again, as further testing indicates this still has problems.
1.23 - 20130403 - Removed all legacy WME code following release of new public WME. Added extra checks for missing/uninitialised editor elements.
1.24 - 20130409 - Compatibility update for latest versions of public and beta WME
1.25 - 20130411 - Adds "Delete Camera" link to camera popups.
1.26 - 20130412 - Now displays both creator and updater info for cameras, and allows cameras to be filtered by creator and updater levels.
1.27 - 20130529 - Added filter to show only cameras added/edited by logged-in user. Added map/turn problem filtering. Fixed camera tab checkbox default states on new installs. Inhibited "delete camera" link on cameras outside the editable area (thanks to rob7mgte for the suggestion).
1.28 - 20130530 - "Delete camera" link re-enabled for cameras within the users managed area but outside any driven areas.
1.28.1 - 20130530 - Fixed camera tab checkbox default states again...
1.29 - 20130702 - UR popup now shows number of comments submitted for that UR, and whether or not any of them were made by the logged-in user. Also shows the username entered by the user when placing a UR via the livemap interface. URs can also be filtered by the types of comments (none/all by other editors/some by logged-in user) and whether or not the user is following the UR.
1.30 - 20130704 - On markers for URs that have comments, the blue/white Waze logo is replaced by a green circle containing quotation marks. If any of the comments were made by the logged-in user, the circle is yellow instead.
1.31 - 20130706 - UR popup now shows age of the most recent comment. Fixed issue with WME localisation that was causing multiple URO tabs in Chrome when a non-English language was selected.
1.32 - 20130716 - Support for latest WME beta.
1.33 - 20130801 - Adds comment age filtering to UR markers (for dknight212), and allows camera popup to be disabled (for orbitc)
1.34 - 20130802 - Comment age filtering now allows both older than and younger than exclusions.
1.35 - 20130820 - Supports new "Blocked road" URs.
1.36 - 20130822 - Supports regex matching of keywords.
1.37 - 20130828 - Uses native "UR with conversation" markers in latest WME beta. Inhibits "null" comments on URs. Reduced script startup time.
1.38 - 20131009 - Fixes for new-style WME URLs. New "Misc" tab added - contains options to use URO-style comment icons rather than the default WME ones for UR markers, and an option to set the background to traditional white...
1.39 - 20131020 - Ignores empty guestUserName fields used by URs submitted from new Livemap site.
1.40 - 20131022 - Fixes problem with trying to access map background layer if it hasn't been initialised by the time the script launches.
2.00 - 20131029 - Adds new UR filtering options, and introduces the Camera WatchList (CWL) feature...
2.01 - 20131106 - Fixed "Update watchlist entry" function. Deleting a watched camera from its popup now automatically removes it from the CWL. Selecting a camera in the CWL now turns on the camera layer if not already on. New camera filtering option allows watched cameras to be hidden.
2.02 - 20131111 - Added option to show comment count on UR markers. Script settings can now be manually copied from one install to another.
3.0 - 20131127 - Now integrates functionality from DrivesTabEnhancer (DTE) and Select Roundabout Segments (SRS) scripts. The alternate comment markers and comment count markers no longer block mouseclicks on the underlying UR pin.
3.1 - 20131128 - Should fix the "blank tab area" problem some users are seeing. The settings backup option now uses the current UI settings to generate the backup text.
3.2 - 20131207 - Compatibility fix for latest WME beta...
3.3 - 20131221 - Tweaked comments-related filter options for UR markers
3.4 - 20140106 - Compatibility fix for latest WME beta. UI styling/layout fixes for both production and beta WME. Optimised UR/problem/camera popup generation code.
3.5 - 20140111 - Compatibility update for latest production WME.
3.6 - 20140202 - Compatibility fix for latest WME beta. "Remove deleted" camera watchlist button works again. Cameras on watchlist can now be placed in groups.
3.7 - 20140330 - Compatibility fix for for latest public WME. UR and MP popups can now be suppressed (see Misc tab). UR and MP popups now show the underlying object IDs and, for closed URs/MPs, when and by whom the closure was done. Closed URs/MPs can be filtered. CWL groups now remember whether they were expanded or collapsed. Missing Landmark URs can be filtered. Replaced "kph" with "km/h" in camera popup.