Hide multiple results from one domain in google

By daleswanson Last update Nov 27, 2013 — Installed 1,420 times.

Script Summary: Hides multiple results from the same domain in google

Version: 0.6

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A few months ago Google changed their default behavior so that there is no limit to the number of results listed from the same domain. Previously, it would list one or two results and provide a link for more results from the same domain.


This seems to be made much worst if you disable automatic search and turn up the results per page above the default 10.

This annoyed me so I made this script to hide multiple results from the same domain. It is currently setup to simply hide any result with the same domain as the previous result. This means there could still be multiple results from one domain if they have other domains sprinkled between them. Also, it just hides the results, it doesn't bring up new ones to replace them. So, if you have Google set to show 30 results, and the first 10 were the same domain, then you'll only see 21.

UPDATE 2012 Oct 12:
I've fixed a bug where an item with no links would crash the script, and cause it to not work. For example a search that includes google's info box at the top.

I've also included a style improvement recommened by Jefferson Scher. The link to show more is now indented and the cursor turns to the hand when over it.

UPDATE 2012 Aug 24:
I've updated this script to show how many results are hidden and allow you to click to show them. I've also changed it to allow 2 results in a row before it starts hiding them. When the results are shown, after being hidden, they are indented slightly per vbmark's suggestion.

Both the indent ammount and the number of results from one domain allowed before they are hidden are easily configurable inside the script.

Some notes:
First, I have no idea what I am doing, so there is a good chance this script will burn down your house.
Second, I designed and tested this script for my setup, google.com with 100 results per page and no automatic search. If you have different settings I have no idea how it will behave.
Third, the script is small and has comments, so feel free to check it out and edit it to fit your needs.
Fourth, if Google changes their search page layout this script will stop working and I will likely not fix it.