C&C:Tiberium Alliances Maelstrom Tools

By KRS_L Last update Mar 29, 2013 — Installed 147,693 times.

Script Summary: A set of tools to make your life as a commander easier and more comfortable


Based on the script located at http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/136153

Original script by Maelstrom.

Updates by HuffyLuf, KRS_L and Krisan.


You need to install the C&C Tiberium Alliances API Wrapper (infernal) in order to access repair-functions.

Current features

    Multilanguage english / german - depends on the world you play on
  • Overall production: Summarizes resources per hour + bonus + POI (among bases)
  • Base resource overview: Shows all resources in all bases and a sum of it
  • Repair time overview: Shows repairtime and army/defense points for all bases
  • Support Weapon overview with option to recall them or set them all on one target (if in range).
  • Collect all packages: Collects all bonus packages that are available.
  • Hide the mission tracker (via options)
  • Configurable Autocollect / Autorepair - this will only be activated as long as EA doesn't give a statement about auto-collecting.
    If they think it's cheating, I will disable it.
  • Show remaining time until next MCV is affordable (configurable, default on).
  • Upgrade overview to directly upgrade best cost/usage-rated buildings.
  • Chat history length: Extend chat history length past the default of 64 messages.Currently not working

Features that need the wrapper and will be disabled if not installed:

  • Repair all units/offense: "repair all" in all bases
  • Loot summary (total / per CP / per run) - wrapper needed on patched worlds

-Dodgy fix to get upgrade priority overview working. Proper solution coming whenever I have the time to look into it.
-Fixed loot summary for patched worlds. This feature needs the wrapper again :(
-'Collect all packages' now works even while you still only have your first base.
-Redundant code removed and some optimization. pre
-Fix for freezing loot display issue.
-Loot summary working without API Wrapper. pre
-Movable MCV Timer.
-'Upgrade priority overview' working without API Wrapper.
-'Upgrade priority overview' speed improvement. pre
-Fix: Autorepair of buildings didn't work in certain situations - Thanks krisan :) pre
-Compatibility fixes for worlds 43 & 62. pre
-small fixes, new columns at army overviews - update by krisan
-Compatibility with December patch.
-Removed the autoupdate URL as the update service domain has expired and is causing issues with the script.
-update for patched worlds with backwards compatibility provided
-repaircharges attack info fixed and updated
-minor fixes
-Changes dealing with Mission and Notification Bar (Mission bar can now be disabled on patched worlds)
-Turkish Translation by PythEch
-Option to increase chat history length from the default of 64 messages up to 512