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By Manuel Holzhauser Last update Apr 16, 2014 — Installed 516 times.

Script Summary: Adds Marker, Highlighter, In story search, "Add to Pocket", Synchronization between multiple devices and more. With Config-GUI.

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Advanced User-Script for

Note: This Userscript should work with, but i only concentrate on
If there is an problem with, please report that to me.

Also available over the Chrome Store

Feature-List from Version 4.3.3:
* GUI – Customization (change colors, site width, hide story images, disable image hover effect)
* Build filter to search for specific keywords.
You can use those filter to:
–> * Hide specific stories
–> * Change Background / Hover Color
–> * Mark Chapters (Add a Tag to the name of the Story)
–> * List Stories (Add a list of matching stories on the top of the story list)
–> * Mention in Headline (Add a notification to the headline, how many elements of one filter has been found)
* Search with filters within the story (You can define the max depth for search)
* Add Config Options for specific Stories (set Marker or Hide Story)
* Pocket Feature:
Save an entire story to your Pocket (formally Read It Later) Account
* Color Picker for easy Color selection
* Switch pages with the cursor Keys
* Display only mode (Select a filter, only matching stories will be displayed)
* Auto Updater


5.0.0 – [Not released, just a note]

    Every version from now on is build using Typescript und Grunt.    
    I have completle converted the whole script.     
    I can't say to 100% that it's bug free.    
    There is none i have noticed so far. If you notice something, please tell me.    
    This Beta Release is available over my Github Account.

4.5.6 – Fixes the Display in the User Page.

    Now it only displays the own stories not the favorites.

4.5.5 – Hides the Sync Feature. It’s not very stable anyways.

4.5.4 – Changes API-Interface – Should improve stability.

4.5.3 – Fixes Pocket Save Feature

4.5.2 – Small Changes … nothing worth mentioning :P

4.5.1 – Critical Update

    Adaptes to the SSL-Update    
    Important Infos:

4.5.0 – Changes GUI and adds some advanced Options

    - Option to disble Caching (usefull for slow machines)    
    - Option to disable the Highlighter Option

4.4.9 – Updates jQuery and adds option to enable text selection

4.4.8 – Added Select Field for the Pocket Save Function

4.4.7 – Updates GUI and small other changes

4.4.6 – Fixes Cursor Control and tweakes the Pocket Feature

4.4.5 – In story search: Displays the containing sentence if you hover over the list entry or the marker.

4.4.4 – Bug fixes and GUI Adaption

    - Fix for Issues in Firefox when using my Script    
      If you use Firefox, you have to download this version manual!    
    - GUI adaptions    
    - Adds Backend Support for Safari    
    - Minor changes on Messaging System – Adds Minimize Button in Config Dialog and changes CSS-Loading

4.4.3 – Fix for timing issue

    Sry, had an error in my system.    
    This Update is needed in order to use the script correctly.    

4.4.2 – Advanced Messaging System

    Allows Users to:    
    - Receive Messages    
    - Send Feedback    
    Other Changes:    
    - Moved the CSS Styles to an external File, that is parsed by my server      
    *Warning:* There are maybe versions online, that could lead to problems    
     with the Update Feature. If you notice strange behavior,     
     please update your Script.     
     (Only the case if you downloaded the Script in the first 30 minutes    
      since realease)    

4.4.1 – Some Bugfixes

    * Errors on first run fixed    
    * Errors on adding new filter fixed    

4.4.0 – Adds web service synchronization.

    Allows to sync between multiple devices.    

4.3.6 – Adds Display of hidden Elements

    To open, click on the number after "All hidden elements"    

4.3.5 – Fixes Color Gradient in Google Chrome
4.3.4 – Fixes Config Editor
4.3.3 – Adds a way to hide specific stories

More Informations and Support (if needed) here: