CP Better Ignore

By DaFace Last update Aug 10, 2012 — Installed 3,148 times.

Script Summary: Hides posts from ignored users entirely and hides replies to those posts from other users. (The script used to also ignore threads from ignored users, but a recent change on ChiefsPlanet seems to have broken that functionality.)

Script to fully ignore users on ChiefsPlanet.com. To use:

1. Install the script.
--If you're using Firefox, you'll need the GreaseMonkey extension.
--If you're using Chrome, you don't need an extension. Just save the script to your desktop, open the Chrome extensions window, then drag the script onto the window to install.
2. Visit the "Edit Ignore List" link in your UserCP. You won't see anything happen, but the script will silently load in the list of users you have ignored.
3. That's it! Posts from users on your ignore list should now completely disappear.

I just modified this script to work with ChiefsPlanet domains, so I make no claims that it will work reliably. Feel free to modify if you can improve it.