DashPlus - Follow Back Checker for Tumblr

By 404 Not Found Last update Feb 9, 2014 — Installed 44,033 times.

Script Summary: Checks if the blogs you're following also follow you

Version: 1.5.3


This adds a small check icon next to blogs that follow you back on your following page. Currently it only works for checking if they follow your primary blog, later I'll add the functionality of checking secondary blogs.

Chrome Users

You will need to download and install the Tampermonkey add-on prior to trying to install this script.

Version history

v 1.5.3—Modified @include header to allow HTTPS connections
v 1.5.2—Ahhh, 1.5.1 was actually very broken. Everything should be good now.
v 1.5.1—Updated to account for change in Tumblr request for checking if a user follows you.
v 1.5.0—Updated the script for Tumblr's new layout; Rebranded.
v 1.4.0—??? I think I accidentally skipped this version.
v 1.3.0—Tumblr's layout broke the script again. Because of the new layout, the script now has to make an extra download request in order to load the URLs of your blogs.
v 1.2.1—Script broke after Tumblr's layout change; fixed that.
v 1.2.0—Updated to preemptively fix problems. Nothing was broken, but I fixed something that was breaking Tumblr in other userscripts.
v 1.1.0—Updated to removed some unnecessary code, and to make it compatible with Tampermonkey for Chrome.
v 1.0.1—Woops! Forgot to include other pages.
v 1.0.0—Initial version