Travian: Attack builder

By m4rtini Last update Jul 5, 2010 — Installed 352,642 times.

Script Summary: Attack builder - auto sending of waves

- Set up multiple waves
- Automatic sending of those waves in one click
- Catapult targeting available
- Multiple coordinates possible
- The village 'hopping'-problem is resolved
- Fast and easy mass scouting
- Time the arrival of an attack.
- Save presets of waves. (Alt+shift+[0-9] to save. Shift+[0-9] to load)

New features planed:
- Global and wave specific catapult targeting.
- show a 'total troops' column
- Specify a (circa) delay between waves.
- scouting target per wave basis.
- suggestions?

Known Problems:
- waves will not be timed correctly if your browser\server\line is slow

Chinese version: (translated by yicry)

If you want your language supported you have to translate the text in the text and cataText array in the start of the script and send it to me on email or in the comments here.