RecordSearch -- People Inside

By wragge Last update Jul 10, 2012 — Installed 280 times.

Script Summary: Records are about people. This userscript enriches the National Archives of Australia's database by inserting images of some of those people.

Version: 0.12

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This userscript was inspired by The real face of White Australia -- a compelling, discomfiting wall of portraits extracted from records used in the administration of the White Australia Policy, now held by the National Archives of Australia.

The real face of White Australia brings the people to surface, but why shouldn't this happen inside the National Archives' database?

This userscript draws on the portraits extracted for The real face of White Australia, but inserts them into the standard item descriptions available on RecordSearch. For an item listing page, a randomly selected portrait is displayed for each file. An item details page displays all the portraits currently available for that file.

The portrait detection process wasn't perfect, so not every photograph has been extracted. Also some files have been added since the initial extraction took place.

Currently portraits are only available for Series ST84/1. More will be added soon.

For some background see The people inside on Storify.