Pardus Clock

By rhindon Last update Oct 6, 2008 — Installed 9,270 times.

Script Summary: Displays tick timers for the online game Pardus.

Version: 4.2

Approval Status

Approved by Pardus Admins

v2.0 Update 03/06/2008:

Moved the Clock to the Message Frame -- Thanks, Jarius.

v2.1 Update 03/11/2008:

Various bugfixes and code cleanup -- Again, Thanks, Jarius.

v2.1.1 Update 03/11/2008:

Times were wrong for planet, SB, and Buildings.

v2.2 Update 03/11/2008:

Added boolean variables to the top of the script to show or hide individual counters

v2.2.1 Update 03/11/2008:

Another Bugfix -- Times were still incorrect for some users... Now Fixed.

v3.0 Update 05/29/2008:

I finally got some time to fix the problems with DST in some areas.

The timer was rewritten from Spoilerhead's original code. I also added variables to the top of the script allowing a user to easily offset one or all of the times by any number of hours.

If you have had trouble with the times being inaccurate, this script will fix the problem, or allow you to offset the times by simply entering the number of hours to offset at the top of the script.

v4.0 Update 05/29/2008:

New Features!

You can now choose where you would like the Pardus Clock to display: in the Message frame, in the right column above the Cargo box, under the Nav screen, or any combination of the three.

v4.1 Update 05/29/2008:

Bugfix: Clock did not display properly if placed above the Cargo box.

4.1.1 Update 07/19/2008:

Bugfix: When messageBox had a message in it, a javascript error occurred.

4.2 Update 09/06/2008:

New Feature -- "Resolution" You can now set the clock's "Resolution" so it updates less frequently. Many thanks to Stockenheimer for this update.


PM Rhindon (Orion) in-game for questions or to report bugs.