Tiberium Alliances Map

By NolanaKane Last update Aug 5, 2012 — Installed 77,797 times.

Script Summary: Shows you a much needed mini-map of the world. Works on all servers.

Version: 1.8

This is TA Map, a more or less useful mini map.
It adds a Map button to the main bar, right next to Inventory and shows you a mini version of the currently loaded sectors. In addition you can highlight Alliances and POIs on the map.

Note: TA does not load the whole world directly, only the sectors around you. You can still click into empty areas to scroll there.

Things coming up:
- more filters
- updates when you scroll the area map

Hints: The color chooser leaves much to be desired, but the text fields take any CSS color value, so if yo
u don't want to see Camps, for example, use this: rgba(0,0,0,0)

-- 1.8: Code now automatically adapts to changed field names. Tested on Closed Beta 2, Mondo 1 and World 21. This should make TAMap more robust against changes by EA

-- 1.7: EA strikes again and renames field names once more
-- 1.6: Fixed Alliance drop down list
-- 1.5: Survived another round of obfuscation
-- 1.4: Shows you the maximum relocation radius for your bases now.
-- 1.3: Highlighting POIs by type. Find that next Reactor even quicker
-- 1.2: Playing tag with EAs obfuscation tool. Now Closed Beta worlds should work
-- 1.1: Now works with servers on June release as well as July release. Fixed camp color vs. outpost color
-- 1.0: Finally you can define your own colors. No good color picker yet, as the version of qooxdoo used doesn't have one. Also, easier to spot POIs.
-- 0.9.2: Beginnings of filter settings and a higher zoom level. Better colors in next update
-- 0.9.1: Another round of code obfuscation survived.
-- 0.9: Fixed issues running Map and Battle Sim at the same time. Stupid var scoping issue
-- 0.8: Map is now refreshing if you click into an area that has not been loaded yet
-- 0.7: added experimental automatic script update
-- 0.6: worked around Phenomic obfuscating some JavaScript variables: w.m_Sectors = w.KIH now
-- 0.5: found a way to identify enemies. Their cities are now marked red
-- 0.4: renamed some globals to prevent conflict with other scripts. Try this is you got an error message with 0.3

THANKS A LOT to Leighton Whiting who provided the framework to hook into TA with his excellent Battle Simulator.