Add Scholar and Books links to Google search pages

By nonaxiomatic Last update Sep 18, 2012 — Installed 12,669 times.

Script Summary: This script adds the Google Scholar and Books search links to the top and side menu bars of the search page, and periodically updates the links to use the current query. This solves the irritating problem of Google removing its academic tools from easy reach, while not allowing the user to customise any of the quick link areas. Tested on Chrome and Firefox.

Version: 2012.9.18

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Version history

2012.5.30 initial release
2012.6.17 fixed bug in Books search URL that caused double quotes in search to erroneously change to HTML entity "
2012.9.13 updated to work with new Scholar page, as it has changed the layout and id attributes of the top bar
2012.9.18 fixed bug in Scholar top bar where links were not set up when search string was empty

Installation instructions

Adding this script to Firefox is as straightforward as clicking the Install button above, provided you already have the Greasemonkey extension installed.

Chrome is now a little more difficult. When clicking the Install button, it will download the script and refuse to install it:

To work around this, go to the Extensions page:

And then drag the downloaded file onto the page:

This will allow you to install as previously:

(Note that this installation technique will work for any of the userscripts on this site.)