IMDbFlix (fixed)

By ruiz107 Last update Feb 25, 2013 — Installed 9,091 times.

Script Summary: Adds IMDb ratings to the Netflix ui

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This script wasn't made by me, but by Locosux:

The old script wasn't working anymore so i fixed it, and:

Updated 25/02/2013:
- Working again!
- Some code tweaks, speedups, now it wont run on the player window anymore.
- I know the layout is a little funky atm.

Old updates:
- Added a IMDb icon
- Removed the ratings color
- Added the found name on imdb (to make sure it is a exact match).
- The ajax loader is inline data now instead of a external address
- Now also shows on the movie details page
- Fixed some url parameters that will improve the IMDb search

Below is the original description from Locosux:
Displays the IMDb rating of a movie right next to its name.
Clicking the rating will link directly to the movie's IMDb page.

Based largely off RottenFlix by Matt Blodgett (
Used a small bit of code from "Viaplay IMDB Rating" by Tafatt (