4chan Live

By Faleij Last update May 25, 2012 — Installed 1,353 times.

Script Summary: 4chan Live - Turn all boards into live streamed boards - scrolling is now obsolete! (This is in early testing)

Version: 0.0.1


-Appends only new threads to the page and updates all other threads
-Set update interval in seconds
-Set max number of threads


Windows: Works in Firefox (tested with nightly 13) and works with Chrome using Tampermonkey Plugin -

OSX / Linux: Not tested / supported.

4chan x: This script is incompatible with some features of the 4chan x script and this can't be fixed.


This script is run with ads appended at the bottom of the page, If you like my script and want these removed please send a donation to my paypal faleij at live dot com or bitcoin 1E8Rfg6teXpvijmiiB8LiRJAukpSbXtAbh any donations are appreciated.

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