Flickr: Date Hack

By Jason Tank Last update Oct 28, 2012 — Installed 5,348 times.

Script Summary: Shows the exact time and date a photo was taken (if such info is available).

Version: 1.5.1


--This script only works with the old Flickr layout--

(An update that works in the beta is forthcoming. Before March. I hope.)

Flickr currently only shows the date a photo was taken, or a number of hours since the photo was taken. This script dives into the photo's meta information and then shows you the exact date and time the photo was taken, according to its EXIF information.

Date fetching happens in the background. While it is working, the original info will dim until the retrieval ends.

If the EXIF information is unavailable, the old, imprecise info will remain.

v1.3 - Now also works on the secure sites and (11-August-2012)

v1.4 - Now updates the tooltip to show exactly when it was uploaded, too.

NOTE: If you are upgrading from a pre-1.3 version, you should uninstall that version before installing the new one.