Halo 3 Login

By joequincy Last update Oct 25, 2007 — Installed 267 times.

Script Summary: Simplifies login to bungie.net by automatically filling out the Windows Live ID login and submitting it after 3 seconds.

Compatible with Firefox and IE so far... Safari and Opera versions to come later.

After installing this script, you will need to do a minor edit:
In the Tools menu (Mac; Windows; Linux), you need to choose Greasemonkey --> Manage User Scripts

Then in the dialog that appears, choose "Halo 3 Login" on the left, and click the edit button on the bottom left.
Look for the part that says:

loginEmail = "email@domain.com";
loginPass = "yourpassword";

You will need to change


to your Windows Live email address

and you will need to change


to your Windows Live password

Both your email and password remain safely on your computer, and are only used to login bungie.net when you click the sign-in button (on bungie.net).
If you feel nervous about using this script because it uses your password... don't use the script. All it does is add a convenience that when you click "sign in", you actually are signed in, rather than having to type your email and password every time.

If you understand javascript, I encourage you to read the script before installing it, so that you know exactly how it works.