4chan - where my thread at

By KittyAwesome Last update Oct 12, 2012 — Installed 9,487 times.

Script Summary: Looks up on which page is the thread you are in. The perfect tool to help you in bumping and creating new threads for generals.


^^^ Check it out! Script's got a draggable window

You should customise the window's CSS in the script after installing it

Looks up on which page is the thread you are in.

How to use:
Enter a time interval to set the length of waiting between searches and click on 'checking'

Meanings of the status messages:
Ready - the script loaded fine and is ready
Searching - the script is looking for the thread
Done - the thread's been found and the script will run again after the time entered in the timer (the time entered in the timer will be read only in the searching status)
Really 404? - the thread might have been bumped while looking for it, so the script will check if the thread really 404'd
Still alive - good news, the thread hasn't 404'd

If there is no status displayed, your thread is dead

UPDATE: Window remembers its position now and the thread will be checked once when you enter a thread.