IkaStats PlugIn Beta

By Professor Hase Last update Jul 3, 2012 — Installed 12,742 times.

Script Summary: IkaStats UserScript to use IkaStats service. This is the BETA version which may be used by invited beta testers only. Ikariam 0.5.x ONLY. No mobile support.

Version: 0.5.6

Copyright: 2012 IkaStats.tk

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IkaStats deleted by Gameforge !!!

Today, the domain IkaStats.net.tc has been deleted by request of the Gameforge AG. At the same time all my Ikariam accounts have been suspended by NRJ, community manager of Ikariam Germany, Great Britain and France with a note about T&C violation.

UPDATE: IkaStats service has been restored and uses the new domain IkaStats.tk. The Script has been updated already so grab your update. All existing links should work when changing http://ikastats.net.tc/cr/ to http://ikastats.tk/cr/

I'm sorry about the inconvenience. Send your thanks and wishes about it to NRJ@Gameforge.


This PlugIn allows you to use all IkaStats services. It's tested with Firefox 10.0+ and Chrome 17.0+. No other browsers are supported by IkaStats. Please note that this represents the beta version of the script. This Scripts only works with Ikariam 0.5.x and the regular desktop interface (no mobile interface support).


  1. Install the Plugin
  2. Visit http://IkaStats.tk and create an account
  3. Next on IkaStats select your country and server and create a player profile
  4. Check your myIkaStats Settings and copy your API-Key to clipboard
  5. Visit Options -> Account Data in Ikariam and enter your API-Key to the IkaStats section

As soon as your API-Key is installed, the PlugIn will transfer combat reports and other views to the IkaStats-Server without any communication to the Ikariam servers. This way the PlugIn keeps transparent and you're save if your community disallows the use of scripts!


You need to make sure the IkaStats Plugin is executed before any other script wich affects the combat report in Ikariam! If your CRs don't show up at IkaStats there's another script blocking the IkaStats PlugIn!