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Script Summary: Download Facebook & Instagram & Weibo Album. ( Friend Tags , Original photos and Timeline's photos are supported.)


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** Weibo & Instagram & Friend Tag(Facebook) are supported! **

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Firefox user can read this userguide:

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Supported browser: Chrome & Firefox. ( May work for Opera / Safari )

Modified from 'Download FB album' by blackbing | Credit to fancyBox(by Janis Skarnelis), FileSaver(by Eli Grey), zip.js (by Gildas Lormeau) & File API tool (

Installation Steps:
*Rename only works in Chrome Extension* -Chrome: (Extension has much higher performance) Install Tampermonkey -> Install the script. OR Install the Extension Directly -Firefox: Install Scriptish or Greasemonkey -> Install the script. (userguide) p.s. If you installed 'NoScript', please allow '' for my script to work in https environment. If it isn't work in Opera & Safari, please wait for fixes. -Opera: Install violentmonkey -> install this script Or refer to Support Docs of and Opera After installation, please refer to this guide to save photos. -Safari: install Ninjakit -> install this script

Easy to read tutorial(Thanks Brian Mahoney):

Download Steps:
1. Go to any albums/photos tab in profile. 2. Click the link 'DownFbAlbum' in the top menu. ( click DownFbAlbum(Setup) to reset saved settings ) 3. Type in download mode: --1/press Enter -> Normal Download --2 -> Download without auto load ( For large album ) --3 -> Load from specific id ( For very large album to optimize performance ) ( e.g. "500th -> end" not "1st -> end" ) <- Enter this number --4 -> Optimization for large album ( Save the page as usual ) -- Load Captions, Comments & Friend tag ( Take longer time ) -- Open page in current / new window ( New window may not work for large album ) 4. Save the new content loaded. "Press Ctrl+S" (5. Click 'ReStyle' if the images' position are wrong.) --------------------- 各選項解釋: 1. Normal Download 普通下載 ( 嘗試載入整個相簿的圖片 ) 2. Without auto load 只下載已載入的圖片 ( 針對太多相片的專頁 ) 3. Autoload from specific id 從特定相片後繼續載入 ( 針對非常多相片的專頁 ) <- 請輸入這個數字 4. Optimization for large album 對大相簿優化 ( 如常儲存網頁便可 ) -- 載入相片的說明文字, 評論 及 標籤 ( 需等待一段時間 ) -- 使用 現在的/新視窗 開啟頁面 ( 新視窗有時不能開啟太多相片的相簿 )
Changelog: (Fix) [IG]Prevent dFA from running (Fix) [FB]Autoload missed required variable (Fix) [FB]Fix autoload for page (Mod) [IG]Reload when view user via ajax request (Fix) [IG]Cannot get required variable (New) Auto load photos from search page (Fix) Get photos from search page (Fix) Weibo part broken due to api change (Fix) Fix script broken in (Happy New Year!) (Fix) [FB]Cannot load photos across two years (Fix) [FB]Autoload missed required variable (New) [FB]Support Untagged Photos (New) Add Download link for Instagram (Fix) Cannot get Weibo uid (Fix) Instagram auto load (New) Support Weibo album (Please go to*/album to download e.g. ) (新功能) 下載Weibo微博配圖 (請到*/album 下載 e.g. ) (Fix) Cannot load group photos (Fix) Album name bug (New) [Extension]Filter photos by caption, tag or comment (Mod) Remove empty tag box (Fix) Stop when caption contains special characters (Fix) Stop during parse comments (Mod) Remove box shadow to improve performance (New) Bootstrap 3.0 Theme [Please wait for userscirpt version] (Mod) Show related photo in caption/comment window (Fix) Broken all comment link (Fix) [IG]init bug (Mod) Update to jQuery@2.0.3, zip.js@4c93974e90 (Mod) [IG]Add stop button (Mod) Change large album optimize layout (Mod) Ask for optimize for large album (Fix) Retry Bug (Mod) Add button for toggle tag (Mod) Retry before prompt timeout error (Fix) Add required variables for specific photos (Mod) Update to jQuery@2.0.2, fancybox@2.1.5 (Mod) Try to reload instead of scroll if timeouted (Fix) Background image set to relative path (Fix) Style typo (New) Save photo's comments ( May not work for group ) (Mod) Can choose open in current / new window ( Click 'Setup' if you want to change it ) (Mod) Optimize loading & parsing speed (Fix) Cannot load required variables (Fix) Photos broken with improper link (Fix) Cannot create page for large album (Fix) Cannot apply script for saved page Full Changelog
Memory usage may greatly increase after downloaded too many photos.
**For Chrome:
Slow performance during scroll up&down is normal.
**For Firefox:
1. Due to unknown bug, some images may cannot be loaded you can save the page first. All images will be downloaded but you may need to click ReStyle and save the page again.
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