YouTube Likes (bar version)

By TurplePurtle Last update Aug 10, 2013 — Installed 13,381 times.

Script Summary: Displays a bar showing the ratio of likes to dislikes of YouTube videos. Tested on Chrome and Firefox.

Version: 2.0.1

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Like vs dislike numbers displayed in parentheses.

A version of this script that uses numbers instead of bars is available here.


  • Update 2.0.1 Fixed front page when not signed in.
  • Update 2.0 The videos that appear with "Load More" will be rated now. Also, fixed a lot of the pages from the latest YouTube update, but it's still missing some stuff because YouTube refuses to be consistent.
  • Update v1.3.7: Fixed search.
  • Update v1.3.6: Fixed broken bars. (Thanks, Compuitguy!)
  • Update v1.3.5: Fixed page.
  • Update v1.3.4: Fixed layout for the front page.
  • Update v1.3.3: Fixed user videos ratings.
  • Update v1.3.2: Fixed videos not showing on search results because of YouTube update.
  • Update v1.3.1: Fixed showing duplicate numbers for some videos.
  • Update v1.3: Ratings now displayed in playlist pages and user lists.
  • Update v1.2: Likes and dislikes are now colored.
  • Update v1.1: (Likes|Dislikes) shown above the rating bar instead of on mouseover.