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By Deekshith Last update Nov 29, 2013 — Installed 33,627 times.

Script Summary: Open online documents of almost any format like PDF,DOC,DOCX,XLS,PPT,RTF,ODT,ODS,ODP,CSV etc. using Google Docs and Zoho Viewer directly in your browser without need of any additional plugins.

Version: 4.2.8

Copyright: 2012, Deekshith Allamaneni (

License: GPL version 3 or any later version;

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Script Description:

Uses Google docs API and Zoho Viewer API to open links with PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPT, RTF, ODT, ODS, ODP, CSV etc. files online in the browser itself without need for any third party software installed on your computer.

This script reduces the need for additional plugins required to open documents such as Acrobat reader plugin, etc. This is light weight on your system compared to using third party softwares, reducing browser / system crashes and load on your system. Read the privacy policy before installing.

Tested OK on:

  1. Firefox 19.0.2 (also on latest Aurora and Nightly builds (as on 14th March, 2013)) with latest version of Greasemonkey.
    Instead, you can also install the Docs Online Viewer firefox addon.
  2. Chrome 20 and Chromium 20 (Chrome 21 and above may install using TamperMonkey)
  3. Maxthon: Third party package for Maxthon is provided on the support website.
  4. Opera 12
(I came to know that it also works on Opera, Safari and Maxthon. But I did not use it on them yet. If you are using on these browsers, I will be pleased to hear feedback from you)

Supported File Formats:



Open-Source. GNU/GPL v3.

Installation Instructions:

  1. For Firefox Users: First you need to have "Greasemonkey" addon installed. You can install it from here.
  2. After installing greasemonkey, install the script from this site by clicking on the "Install" button. Chrome/Chromium users can directly click on the Install button to the right top of the page.
[For feedback about this script, Please mail me at]

Release Notes and Change Log

Version 4.2.8

  1. Minor bug fix for Tampermonkey to include and add the help button.
  2. Mouse over icon Title tweaked. Shortened.

Version 4.2.5

  1. Implemented Blocking of Unsupported Links.
  2. Fixed recognizing extensions irrespective of case.
  3. Added a small Help Button for quick support.

Version 4.1.3

  1. Updated with new link icon with Data URI.
  2. Mouse Over Panels is implemented for Google Docs Viewer to provide distraction free yet fully functional reading experience.
  3. Mouse over title tweak.
  4. Removed support for Zoho Viewer as Zoho is soon dropping Zoho Viewer service.

Version 3.0.0

  1. Performance: Revamped code with improve performance (contributed by MikeCupcake). Most of the code is re-written for better performance. All the less wanted features are stripped off making the code more lighter and responsive.
  2. Bug Fix: Appearance of links problem when using pdf.js on Firefox.
  3. Performance: Removed blacklisting of websites to improve performance. Alternate method is being worked upon insted of blacklisting the websites.
  4. Developer Friendly: Code is re-written to make it more easier to understand and debug.
  5. The Viewer Icon now appears to the left of the link. This change is done considering user feedback and stability issues.

Please let me know if there are any bugs:

Browser Extensions:

Click here to get extension for Firefox. Extensions for Chrome and Opera are on the way. Note: Browser extensions usually lag behind the Userscript version by a few days.


You can contact the author (Deekshith Allamaneni) of this script for support or for reporting bugs: