IMDb Torrent & subs search

By r3b31_v2 Last update Dec 17, 2013 — Installed 8,494 times.

Script Summary: Adds direct search links to the most popular torrent and subs sites and removes ads.

Version: 2.9.1

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The script adds direct links to major torrent and subtitles sites.

Currently supported sites:

•Youtube(for trailers)

Want another one? Post about it, i just need the search URL


The script is fully compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox.
But the updater works FULLY only on Firefox and on Chrome with Tampermonkey.

Version History

+17/12/2013(v2.9.1) h33t is back!
+01/12/2013(v2.9) added yify, edited the script so that spaces get replaced by "+" only on subs4free, because subs4free can't handle spaces in the filename, while yify can't handle "+", the rest don't care.
+23/11/2013(v2.8.9) removed till it comes back, isohunt replaced with its new clone.
+26/09/2013(v2.8.8) was blocked, changed to their .eu domain.
+03/5/2013(v2.8.7) Yet another PirateBay domain change.
+26/4/2013(v2.8.6) Changed PirateBay to their new domain.
+12/4/2013(v2.8.5) Changed KickAss to their old domain.
+31/3/2013(v2.8.4) Changed KickAss to their new domain.
+28/2/2013(v2.8.3) Fixed the script not working because of IMDB code change.
+14/2/2013(v2.8.2) ":" was removed from the string value, some sites didn't like it.
+9/2/2013(v2.8.1)Removed RevolutionTT, as i no longer have access to the site, i can't keep it updated.
+9/2/2013(v2.8): Fixed H33t
+21/1/2013(v2.7): Changed the updater to a simpler one, now Chrome users get update notification
+2/1/2013(v2.6.5): Changed to their new domain.
+29/12/2012(v2.6.4): Added 1337x, added @grand in the script as required
+13/10/2012(v2.6.2): Removed Demonoid, goodbye lil demon
+11/5/2012(v2.6.1): Added beta support for after a request
+17/3/2012(v2.6): Added, titles to the favicons
+1/3/2012(v2.5.6): Added
+1/3/2012(v2.5.5): Initial release, all trackers work, not compatible with Opera.