E-Hentai 'Pining For The Fjords' Auto-Transfer Script

By The Evil Phoenix Last update Nov 17, 2012 — Installed 93,431 times.

Script Summary: When a user encounters a "pining for the fjords" gallery on e-hentai.org, this will automatically transfer the user to the matching exhentai.org gallery, allowing the user to view the gallery.

Have you ever been going through your E-Hentai.org favorites list, and run into issues where your favorite galleries are now "Pining for the Fjords", and want to automatically be able to see the gallery on the site dedicated for the fjords?

Well now you can!

This user script will automatically be able to detect when you have gone to a gallery page which is pining for the fjords, and will transfer you to the corresponding exhentai.org gallery page, thereby allowing you to access and view the gallery!


If you download and use this userscript, please write a review! If you run into any bugs, please create a discussion on this script, so I can address your bugs, and try to release fixes!




NOTE! This script uses some code obtained via this script: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/97623

However, the only information used from that script was the code to actually tell the browser to "GO TO [exhentai.org link]", outside of that, the code has been modified by myself to actually *work* with the e-hentai.org normal galleries.


Update Log:

2012-02-08: Rewrote parts of script to use a parser function to parse the gallery identifier, allowing other people who write user scripts to use the parser function in their code.

2012-11-16: Added functionality to allow this to work with the individual gallery image pages. This allows you to be viewing a gallery, and if the gallery gets fjorded while you are viewing it, it'll adapt accordingly and route you to the fjord-version of that image page.



(2012-03-01) (CONFIRMED) Link structure adds an extra slash around the 'g' or 's' in the link. -- FIXED: 2012-11-16