YouTube + MP3 Downloader!

By atmega Last update Dec 11, 2012 — Installed 126,829 times.

Script Summary: Dec. 10, 2012 - UPDATED! Fixes for new YouTube layout and changes to how MP3's are downloaded!

Version: 1.7.1

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The latest version supports the newest layout of YouTube.

  • Simple, straightforward UI
  • Works on the latest YouTube layout
  • Works on Google Chrome and Firefox, may work on Opera as well
  • Download videos in WebM, MP4, and FLV formats
  • Support for downloading MP3s through

  • Further updates to the script for new YouTube layout
  • By popular demand, sers will not have the option of selecting the MP3 conversion provider
  • Style changes to the download button to better integrate it into YouTube's new theme
  • Continued integration of jQuery into the script
  • Updated script for new YouTube layout
  • Support for YouTube's HTML5 video page added
  • Notification feature is now disabled by default.
  • Fixed an issue with button not being injected.
  • Script now falls back to another scrubbing method to get the download links if the primary method should fail
  • Fixed script for YouTube's new layout. It should now function properly
  • Script now runs on https and http YouTube links
  • Fixed YouTube to MP3 conversion provider to Video2MP3. was not working.
  • A non-intrusive notification bar now displays when encountering errors
  • Reverted back to single column, drop-down menu.
  • Update notification feature in the process of being reinstated
  • Interface for file save formatting added, still not yet functional
  • The script will now automatically terminate if it cannot detect download links
  • With the new interface, the old problems of the button not working when clicked once is fixed
  • Further refined CSS, button becomes depressed when clicked upon
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Fixed alignment issues with drop down list
  • Redesigned interface
  • Removed Bug Report and Update button
  • Code cleanup
  • Embedded jQuery for animations
  • Reworked interface
  • New HTML + CSS notification bars replaced alert() boxes
  • Code cleanup
  • Reverted a number of changes in the update feature that caused it to be buggy
  • Removed automatic version comparison when checking for updates. Users will have to determining the latest update
  • Disabled "Report Bug" feature
  • Fixed issues with Download button having incorrect CSS styles
  • Tweaked update notifier
1.1 1.0.4
  • Further code clean up
  • Download button disabled for a few seconds after clicking in order to avoid multiple requests
  • Extensive code refactoring
  • Small UI changes
  • Download widget moved just below the video element (fixes issue with those on lower resolution monitors)
  • Added Script Icon
  • Minor bugs fixed when resolving the quality/format type.
  • First major release