UserScript Update Notification

By Seifer Last update Jul 9, 2008 — Installed 2,080 times.

Script Summary: Version 2.1 (09/06/08): Notifies your script users of available updates! Your users don't need to install this script, it's built into yours! Open for more info! Author: Seifer

What does it look like to my users?

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How do I use it?

Just add this script to the end of yours and set the four variables shown below.

scriptName: Your scripts name, this is shown to the user in the alert but not used by the script itself.
scriptId: This is the number that is assigned to your script on the website. To find it, go to your script and look in the address bar, you'll see it at the end of the address.
scriptVersion: The version of your script, decimals are supported but NO letters.
scriptUpdateText: The text shown to users when they hit the "more info" link in the alert.

Whats changed?

Version 2.1: Fixed the "Wait Until Next New Version" button not working. Also moved the notification to the center of the users screen.
Version 2: Complete rewrite
Version 1: Initial Release

Please let me know if you use this and what you think of it!

Any suggestions, complaints or anything else are welcome too!