kuzu's fix for vegweb

By kuzu Last update Jun 27, 2012 — Installed 562 times.

Script Summary: Fixes a few things on vegweb.com

Version: 2.0.3

June 2012 VegWeb changed to a completely different site design. The transition was presumably somewhat rushed to due security vulnerabilities on the old site that were regularly being exploited. This script tries to fix a few bugs and fill in a few gaps.

Requests for additional features are welcome. While I can't promise to implement them, it would be nice to know (a) that someone other than me is using this script and (b) what features they care about.

Developed using Firefox 13, minimally tested with Safari 4, Chrome 19, and Opera 12.

Detailed feature list:

[On the forums listing]

- Tries to mark forums which have new posts. Note that it currently doesn't acknowledge a forum as read unless you open the topics index for that forum (in other words, directly jumping to the most recent thread via the "last post" link won't mark that forum as read, even if that thread happens to be the only one with new posts).

[On the topics index in the forums]

- Fixes "N new posts" links so they point at the right page, and upon visiting the page, attempts to scroll to the first new post.

- Adds a link to the last page of posts for each thread.

[On comments page in the forums]

- Adds crude quote button.

- Adds some buttons to insert basic markup.

- Adds smileys menu (suggestions for additional / better smileys are welcome).

- Adds post preview button (Warning: I'm not actually sure how posts get processed, so the preview might be completely wrong!).

- Remembers last post (primarily done in hopes that if the preview is totally wrong, the poster will send me an unprocessed copy of their post for debugging purposes; may also help prevent double-posting).

- Optionally require confirmation before submitting comments.

[All pages]

- Trims title.

- Makes new private messages a little more obvious.

Version History:

2.0.3 - Minor fix to the fix for the bug regarding not accurately marking forums as unread.

2.0.2 - Fixed (?) some bugs. Insert image no longer uses window.prompt for input.

2.0.1 - Added insert image button and limited ability to mark unread forums.

2.0.0 - Essentially complete rewrite for the new site.

(Obsolete description of version 1: At the moment a few javascript files on vegweb are 403 forbidden, which breaks minor parts of the site. I imagine they will fix it soon, but this is a quick hack for those who are impatient. If anything continues to not work after installing this, let me know and I'll try to fix it.)

1.0.3 - Fixed the drop-down menus, "Check all" checkbox on the advanced search page, and the "more attachments" button when posting. Also changed the version number so Chrome would install over the initial version (I was planning to call this 0.0.3).

0.0.2 - More correctly fixed smileys (so as to maintain correct text selection after insertion).

Initial version (unnumbered) - Partly fixed smileys and spell checker.