Stack Exchange Retag helper

By Rob W Last update Dec 28, 2011 — Installed 510 times.

Script Summary: Configurable helper to enable a quicker retagging of questions at Stack Overflow

Version: 2.1

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This script is only interesting if you're going to mass-retag many questions. If that's not your objective, don't look further.
The script can be customised through editing the source (explanation at comments).

Tag overview

By default, a confirmation dialog appears when attempting to submit a tag edit.
By default, the question summaries at the tag overview page (containing questions) of an ambiguous tag will not expand.

A button is added at the upperleft corner of a question overview page. This button can be used to open multiple questions at once, without having to click at the separate links.

Question page

At a question page, some buttons will show up. It's possible to retag the questions by clicking once at the button.

Anything which was prefixed by "By default" can be customised by editing variables at the source code.
At all times, the page adjustments can be toggled by pressing SHIFT + ESC