Straight Google

By Pokerface Last update May 3, 2013 — Installed 211,737 times.

Script Summary: Remove Google's URL track redirection from Google Products (Google News\Plus\Docs\Instant\Groups etc.) Protect your privacy and save your time from redirecting!

Version: 1.17.13

License: GPL v3 or later version


I am working on a raw Chrome extension version now, which will hijack Google's javascript automatically and make my life easier. After the raw extension is finished, I probably will not update this script very frequently.


This script mainly aims at removing Google URL Redirection:

  • Remove Google redirection (including tracking & statistic redirection).
  • Add "do not track" to links, protect your privacy.
  • Be compatible with Chrome / Firefox / Opera / Safari (should work, never tested, anyone tell me the result?)
  • (Should) work under both HTTP & HTTPS, if you do not do some "special setting", like "blocking insecure contents under https"

Now Support

  • Google Web Search [by Image] (including www / encrypted / ipv6)
  • Google News
  • Google Plus
  • Google Docs
  • Google Instant
  • Google Maps
  • Google Groups
  • Google Notification Bar
  • Google Shorten URL
  • Google Web History
  • Google Bookmarks
  • Google Trend
  • Google Image Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Mail
  • Google Play
  • Youtube

Next & Known Issues

  • If there is any other annoying redirection in other Google products, just leave a message in the "Discussion", I will fix it ASAP..

Browser Extensions

Please remember to uninstall this script if you decide to use any browser version.


v1.17.13 5/3/2013
  • Update for Google Websearch and Google Image.
v1.17.12 4/17/2013
  • Google has been updating frequently recently.. Sorry for the delay
v1.17.10 4/9/2013
  • Update for Google search.
  • Now code is optimized, compressed. It would be faster.
v1.17.8 3/27/2013
  • Update for both Google Web search and Google Image.
v1.17.4 3/23/2013
  • Update Google Image.
v1.17.3 3/8/2013
  • Update for Google Image & Google Web search. Google has updated its redirection js a little bit.
v1.17 2/26/2013
  • Update for Google Image.
v1.16 2/17/2013
  • Fix the Google Plus problem. Now redirection is 100% prevented and stable.
  • Update for Google Image.
  • Add Gmail & Google Play support.
v1.15 1/16/2013
  • Update the Google Web Search part. A Chrome Web extension version is under developing and will be released soon.
v1.14 12/9/2012
  • Fix the broken links on Google Web Search extended functions, such as Dictionary etc.
v1.13 11/2/2012
  • Fix the high CPU usage problem on Google Web Search
v1.12 10/28/2012
  • Google Web History / Bookmark is now updated.
  • Google Web Search is now updated.
  • Google Maps is now updated.
  • That will be all this time. I will update the script until I find more updates on Google's products.
v1.11 10/28/2012
  • Google Plus is now updated.
  • Support Opera now.
  • Bugs in Google Image are now fixed.
v1.10 10/23/2012
  • Google Shopping is now updated.
v1.9 10/21/2012
  • Now Google Image is lightboxed!! There is some bugs and I know. I will fix it soon. But you can still open the image in a new window by clicking the text under the image.
v1.8 9/22/2012
  • Finally! The Google Image bug has been fixed. Now the script should be stable. Sorry for the delay.
v1.7 5/28/2012
  • Update Google+ now. Unluckily, still no solution to Google Image's new little trick.
v1.7 5/16/2012
  • Fix the Google Image problem now
v1.7 5/12/2012
  • Support Youtube now. (That's a Google product, right?)
v1.6 5/10/2012
  • Scripts is updated to adapted to the latest Google+ layout.
v1.6 3/11/2012
  • Now support Google Shopping.
v1.5 3/9/2012
  • Now support Google Images.
v1.4 3/8/2012
  • A few improvements on Google Plus & Google Instant.
  • Bug free!
v1.3 3/5/2012
  • A few improvements on performance.
  • Fully support for Google Maps

Special Instructions for Chinese Users / 中文说明

  • 首先,我是中国人,有什么疑问或者建议,或者碰到谷歌哪个跳转又更新了,可以在直接在Discussions里面用中文留言。
  • 这个脚本的用途之一就是为了防范GFW,但是也包含了保护隐私的功能。如果你有发现其他产品有类似讨厌的跳转,可以直接告诉我(为了保证功能专一,前提必须是谷歌的服务,否则我也没有精力维护)
  • 本脚本在http和https下都正常工作,我的谷歌从来只用https搜索,所以没有问题。说HTTPS有问题的,一般是自己的设置问题
  • 兼容Chrome / Firefox / Opera / Safari(应该可以,没试过),IE就算了
  • 如果脚本在哪个站上不管用了请直接留言,我会及时检查并修复,时间有限,我也不能天天去检查每个站能不能用
  • 好评啊亲!!