Orion Sucks

By CantankerousCuss Last update Apr 10, 2014 — Installed 861 times.

Script Summary: Use monospace font for Oracle support's SR tools. Also allows any item on the display to be selected, so you can cut'n paste the email address of whomever posted to the SR.

Version: 1.0.2

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If you are not an Oracle Linux / Oracle VM support staffer, you do not need this.

Oracle customer support's Orion SR display defaults to a proportional font which makes trying to read code, dumps, and columnar data almost impossible. I get seasick. This plug-in makes body text be monospace.

* Fri Dec 30 2011 Cantankerous Cuss
- Removes the "cannot select" attribute from the pane headers, allowing EMAIL addresses to be selected by the mouse.

* Thu Dec 29 2011 Cantankerous Cuss
- Now more closely targets the evil portions of an SR, namely the analyst entries and the customer updates. May be able to remove the "html" and "body" components of the style later.