Youtube Prevent Autoplay

By Yansky Last update Nov 16, 2008 — Installed 57,213 times.

Script Summary: Prevents videos from playing automatically by replacing the default player with the youtube player that doesn't autostart playback

Version: 0.9

HQ version:

//0.9 changes - Switched to avg's code.
//0.8 changes - Added the ability to stop profile videos from auto-starting.
//0.7 changes - updated for site changes
//0.6 changes - changed the way the script gets the video id to prevent it failing in some instances
//0.5 changes - fixed it so it won't open a new window if you click the big arrow in the middle to play video. The script should now also work even if video embedding is disabled.
//0.4 changes - disabled the script for when embedding is disabled
//0.3 changes - fixed a compatibility glitch with Youtube Googler
//0.2 changes - is now compatible with Youtube Googler