Youtube Ratings Bar

By flux242 Last update May 18, 2013 — Installed 16,611 times.

Script Summary: Shows ratings of related videos on Youtube.

Version: 1.0.9

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I've tried several Youtube 'show rating' scripts available on the but they all were not working good enough for me, so I've written my own version.

Rating request only takes about 100 bytes additionally to be received per thumb still requests are only sent for thumbs that are visible on the screen. By scrolling additional requests are sent if a thumb becomes visible. Hovering with the mouse over an attached rating bar will also show the real like/dislike numbers. This helps to detect lame videos with deactivated rating. Such videos usually have lots of views (say a million) and only a few likes/dislikes to make them look 'green'.

Version 1.0.9 Fixed bar height problem

Version 1.0.8 Adapted to the new yt layout. They have changed the container class name again (sic!)

Version 1.0.7 Restored red color for dislikes

Version 1.0.6 Fixed new layout. Switched to json requests that reduce the amount of data to be transfered for each thumb from 5K to less than 100 bytes

Version 1.0.5 Script is adapted to the youtube recent layout changes. I had to remove support for the 'Load More Feeds' button on the user subscription page. Now when more feed elements are loaded the ratings bar will not be added automatically but only after the page is scrolled

Version 1.0.4 I've replaced the DomParser class with a regular expression which is less resources hungry and works 5-10 times faster.